Free born Ottar sold to thralldom.
Sold to save drunk Agar's life stream,
Sold to outlaws, sold to back break,
Sold to live or die forgotten.
Toiling half life could not tame him,
Ottar saw the outlaws' gleamings.

Came the Dane-men, Eric's shield men,
Came the sword and came the fire storm,
Came the slaughter and grim Surt's kin.
Came the search, but found not Ottar.
Ottar caught in tangled web-weave,
Ottar lost to friends and kinsfolk.

Came the moon dark, came the night chill,
Ottar wrestled with his bindings.
Scramaseax now gave him freedom;
Scramaseax - his chosen weapon.
Sought the sun's path to find Eric
Sought to find a path to homestead.

Came to Ouse and brushwood island,
Came to serve the Jarl of Ousekjarr.
Mildthryth saw the patient Ottar,
Saw the spirit and the quiet,
Saw the strength and saw the blood worth,
Saw how Ottar would grow man-wards.

Taught him craft work, taught him axe work
Ottar's seax danced like a snake sting.
Dancing feet and mighty bear hug,
Hela's hall is full of foemen.
Free born Ottar, sold to thralldom,

Free man now and seeking man fame. 

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