Good it is to sit in mead-hall
Drink with liege lord, thegns and shield men.
Join with brothers and with sisters,
Talk of things that might have been
Listen to the dwarves crags song wave
Listen to the Havamal.

Rest you now from Odin's spear storm
Rest in gladness 'neath wind-weaver.
Comes the night wind, comes the moon chill,
Fiery Surt's kin lights the night dark.
Dancing flame-light paints the sagas,
Drink the dwarves' mead - Odin's ale.

Once the Night Hag brought a story,
Told of our land ruled by troll wives.
Told of thundering iron dragons,
Screaming birds that pissed out poison.
Hurtling carts that crushed our kinsfolk,
Jotun forges breathing air death

In this land that once knew beauty,
Born was I when birds dropped fire eggs
Holm-garth burning, homestead falling
Saved was I by kinfolk caring
Londonburgh saw my growing,
Taught me fighting, loving, knowing.

Raised to manhood, served my Ruler,
Royal house-carl, shield defender.
Freed from service, sailed the swan's road,
Ship of iron sailed to Norway,
To the land that once remembered
Dragon ships and storm of weapons.

Wandered I, through fjord and mountain,
Came to Frankland and to Gothland.
Then to where we once sacked Luna;
Burnt it, thinking it was Rome.
Sold my sword and widely wandered,
Sought gold -givers, shunned gift tardy

Sailed to Iceland's reykj-ar-vik
Came to Iceland's smoking bay.
Came to Snorri's pool at Reykholt
Came to Borg at Borganess
Came to Borg, but found not Egil,
Came a thousand years too late now.

Sought I then Varangian gleamings,
Sailed to Egypt, Crete and Nubia.
Sailed the Middle-Earthan seas.
Alone too long I came to Bretland,
Then to Pictland, Peakland, Kernow.
Peace I found in Isles of Blessed.

Grasshopper I - once Earthstepper,
Way-worn Wanderer, now Gangleri.
Home coming now to wife and strong sons
Home to harvest and to home farm,
Home to dreams of long ago when...
When Earth was clean and fresh and green.

Night Hag brought no tale of torment.
I shall not wake from poisoned dream time.
Planes and trains and cars are real time.
Dragon ships and tears of Freya,
Tyr-valiant men and battle maidens...
These are dreams of never-more-time.

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